Terms and conditions


These terms & conditions are designed to ensure there is no confusion about what our service includes and excludes and to ensure safe transit of your goods. If you are unclear about any element, please contact us for clarification. Our contact number is 020 8220 9768.

  1. We reserves the right to charge extra if the actual amount of items on the day exceeds the amount of items that were on your quotation. A couple of boxes more may not normally cause a problem, however if you have under-estimated your items by more than 2 items the driver will add an extra charge depending on the amount of items, size, weight and time taken to load them. We also reserve the right to limit the amount of goods to the amount quoted in the booking if necessary.
  2. If you have listed your items as ‘approximate’ then the quote we make on such listing is an ‘estimate’ and is subject to an increase.
  1. Please always advice what floors both properties are on as this will enable us to provide the right quote. If this isn’t done there will be a charge of £50 per floor, because it will take longer and need more man power.
  1. The minimum job duration is 2 hours and then the rates apply in every half hour intervals.
  1. Payment is required in full on the completion of each job.
  1. Your responsibility

In case you have decided to do the wrapping for yourself make sure every item and every box is safely packed before we do the pick up. Glass items and delicate’s must be bubble wrapped. Boxes must not be over packed and ideally not half-empty, as this also leads to damage. We accept no responsibility for damage of any items that have not been protected by adequate means.

It will be your own responsibility (and, where relevant, expense) to:

6.1 Declare to us valuations of all goods being removed and/or stored.

6.2 Insure the goods submitted for removal and/or storage against all insurable risks.

6.3 Obtain all paperwork (licences, permits, etc.) necessary for the removal to be completed.

6.4 To be present or represented throughout the whole removal.

6.5 Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is left behind or taken away in error.

6.6 Arrange protection for goods left in unattended premises or where other people not bound by these terms and conditions will be present.

6.7 Prepare, pack and stabilize all electric equipment prior to its removal.

6.8 Empty, defrost completely and clean refrigerators and freezers.

6.9 Provide us with a correspondence address.

6.10 Dates and exact times MUST be confirmed before accepting an offer, failure to do so may lead to delays on the delivery date.

6.11 Parking, Congestion Charge and Tolls are not included in offers (Unless otherwise stated).

6.12 Additional charges may be incurred by you the customer if the driver has to go into areas or urban tolls or pay toll, if the driver has to pay for parking while loading / unloading or waiting.

6.13 It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure adequate parking arrangements have been made. If suitable please arrange for a parking bay suspension or have the appropriate parking ticket pre-ordered. Any fines or charges will be added to the final bill. If we are unable to park within 25 meters of your front door we withhold to right to charge extra.

  1. Non-submission of goods for removal or storage with us. The following items have exclusions of liability from this contract:

7.1 Prohibited or stolen goods.

7.2 Jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind.

7.3 Items, which have potential to damage, explode or are dangerous including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.

7.4 Controlled drugs.

7.5 Plants or goods which may be likely to encourage vermin, pests or cause infestation.

7.6 Food stuffs or liquids.

7.7 Any pets or animals (including reptiles, fish and birds) whether in cage, tank or animal carrier.

7.8 Goods, which require government permission or licence for export or import.

7.9 Bonds, stamps of all kind, securities, mobile telephones, documents or electronically held data records.

7.10  Any goods in wardrobes, drawers or appliances, or in a package, bundle, carton, case or other container not both packed and unpacked by us.

7.11 Any electrical or mechanical derangement to appliances, instrument, clock, computer or other equipment unless there is evidence of related external damage.

7.12 Loss or damage to any glassware, china, any kind of painting, sculpture and fragile items unless they have been both professionally packed or unpacked by us or our subcontractors.

7.13 If any of the above-listed goods are moved by us, we will not accept liability for loss or damage wholly or mainly attributable to the special nature of the goods concerned.

7.14 If such goods are removed without our knowledge and prior written consent we will not be liable for any loss or damage and you will indemnify us against any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us.

  1. The goods – You declare, upon signature of this contract, that:

8.1 Our GIT insurance to be valid you have to write down a valued inventory list in accordance with reality which we will sign. If you don’t have the list we assume you don’t need items to be insured. You agree to examine the Goods carefully and must tell us about any loss or damage to the Goods before removal team will leave delivery address. 8.2 Any subsequent application will not be considered.

8.3 All goods to be removed and / or stored are your own property or,

8.4 you have been given the authority to make this contract by the person(s) who own or have an interest in the goods and that they have been made aware of these conditions.

8.5 We exclude our liability for any loss or damage to glassware, china, any kind of painting, sculpture and fragile items unless they have been both professionally packed or unpacked by us or our subcontractors.

8.6 We exclude our liability for any prepacked goods to be transported by us.

8.7 You will not meet any claims for damages and / or costs against us if these statements are not true.

  1. Charges if you postpone or cancel the removal

Charges are made if this contract is postponed or cancelled. Charges are as follows:

9.1 Notice given more than 14 days before the removal was due to start: NIL

9.2 For notice given less than 14 days before the removal was due to start, we reserve the right to make a charge which covers our costs, typically up to 50% of the removal charge.

  1. Time limit for making a claim:

Any loss, damage or failure to produce goods we are delivering must be noted at the time of delivery.

11. Sub-contracting the work:

11.1 We reserve the right to sub-contract some or all of the work.

11.2 In the event that we sub-contract, these terms and conditions will still apply.

11.3 If we sub-contract some or all of the work, we reserve the right to use our subcontractors goods in transit insurance policy for any loss or damage they have done to the goods transported for you throw us.

  1. Work excluded from the quote – Unless agreed by us in writing and charged appropriately we will not:

12.1 Dismantle or assemble any flat-pack furniture or fittings.

12.2 Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fixtures, fittings or electrical equipment.

12.3 Take up or lay fitted floor coverings.

12.4 Move storage heaters (unless previously dismantled).

12.5 Move items from a loft (unless well illuminated with safe access via a staircase).

12.6 Move plants unless agreed in advance.

12.7 Move or store any items excluded under clause 7.

13. By signing a contract with us, you acknowledge having received your full Terms and Conditions which you have read, understood and accepted, and you confirm that all boxes and goods have been packed by you and we do not transport any controlled drugs, firearms and ammunition, cigarettes, or any other goods or objects which are against UK or EU Custom regulation.

Please note : We are reasonable people. When it comes to unforeseen circumstances we understand that some things are out of your and our control. However, we do ask that you think about every eventuality beforehand and inform us accordingly.

Data Protection Compliance

We hold and process your data securely in accordance with relevant Data Protection legislation comes into force including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

In accordance with those rules, we engage reasonable data security standards applicable in the industry. However, from time to time criminals may attempt to steal data and no security system can prevent all hacking therefore we exclude liability for theft of your data and consequential loss where the loss or misuse of data has resulted despite our taking reasonable security measures to prevent this.