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Packing services for shipping

Packing for shipping is not any more an issue with our packing services designed for peace of mind!
We are the experts in packing services for shipping and European parcel, household goods, businesses and corporate removals from London UK. For us does not matter the size and distance, that’s why you can trust us to offer the right service to meet your individual needs, class of service and price.

Professional material for safe transportation

On Abroad Removals we pack individual items into cartons, boxes or bubble wrap. Furniture and larger items can be paper and bubble wrapped for extra protection. For the efficiency of the shipping we will utilize all empty spaces, inside drawers, between the legs of chairs and pack soft furnishings, like bedding, inside white goods. Our high skilled packers are experts at filling up those empty spaces to ensure maximum cost savings for your move. This process makes for a fantastic, tight, safe and secure package so your household goods are safe on their journey overseas. Packing services for shipping with Abroad Removals is just a great way to ship stuff.

Self packing if necessary

Due to our packing services you will be delighted to find every item not only intact but looking though they had never been on such a long journey at all.
If you do not want to use our packing services for shipping and decide to pack yourselves, Abroad Removals strongly recommend the use of professional packing materials for removals, used wine cartons and supermarket boxes can be a recipe for disaster. Use the right size cartons for packing and try do not overload them. For sofas, chairs, armchairs use clean blankets. For fragile items use double walled cartons or bubble wrap film.

Packing services for shipping to/from London only with Abroad Removals !!
Ring us now to find out about our range of simple, easy and flexible packing for shipping solutions for all your moves from or to UK. For a very well and professionally packing service and a really non-stressful experience do not hesitate to contact us.
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