Why choose Abroad Removals?

Abroad Removals is a fast, reliable and cheap international removals company with plenty of experience of moving overseas to Europe, both of full households and of part loads. Additionally, Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company provides local removals service to all areas of the UK and also within Europe.

How can Abroad Removals provide such cheap removals to Europe?

Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company have access to a global network of international removals companies throughout Europe and due to our long relationship with these trusted partners we have the expertise and resources to move you to any country on the continent. We also work with these local international removals partners to help you access the cheapest removals price.

Who will help me with my moving overseas?

If you move overseas with Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company, you will be allocated a highly skilled team of movers who will discuss all your international removals needs with you in person and provide you with a bespoke package that closely fits the needs of your removals abroad.

How will I know that you are not only a cheap removals company but also professional and reliable?

Abroad Removals can assure you that you are speaking about your international removals with a team of movers who understand all the challenges involved in international removals, having supported many previous customers through this process. Your team of movers will talk you through the moving abroad process, offer the specific solutions that are right for you, manage every aspect of your international removal and advise and guide you during the whole process.

What if I need to access professional packing services or have specialised requirements?

Here at Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company, we understand that moving overseas requires experienced and trained packers to ensure that packing and loading takes place as swiftly and precisely as possible as part of the international removals process. Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company is an experienced international movers and can also handle part load removals, fragile removals or removals of antique and precious items.

Do you have a range of international removals options to suit my needs?

Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company lets you choose from a range of international removals options to suit your timescale and the budget you have allocated for your removals abroad. We can offer you door to door international removals, a Man and Van service, moving overseas of persons as well as goods as part of the process, or just cheap, reliable and fast delivery of individual items, no matter how large or small.

Do Abroad Removals only provide an international removals service?

You can choose one of our international removals services or a combination of removals services, which best meet your needs when moving overseas. However, if you need to move within the  Europe or locally within Uk, Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company is here to help also. Just tell us your requirements when it comes to moving: whether full or part load, Man and Van, special deliveries or door to door removals, we can do it all.

Do you offer any storage services for my move overseas?

Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company prides itself on delivering a full international removals service which includes free short term storage of your items. We can provide storage services at a secure warehouse in the UK or in Europe

Can you give me a quick overview of your moving overseas services?

Abroad Removals’ offer of international removals to Europe includes:
· Internet orders
· Excess baggage shipping
· International furniture removal and packing
· Supply of removal packing boxes
· Office removals
· Antiques collection anywhere in Europe
· Student removals
· Full household removals
· Man and Van
· Short term storage
· Full insurance for your goods

Do you have insurance policies in place?

Abroad Removals’ insurance services have been designed specially for removals abroad, and offer protection, choice at the same time as a cheap removals service. You can rest assured knowing that we have goods content insurance cover included in our price. A copy of our insurance policy is available on request; terms and conditions apply.

What does your offer include?

Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company offers weekly runs between UK and Europe for excess bagage, small or part loads removals, door to door international removals, student moves, new furniture transport, bespoke furniture delivery anywhere in Europe, Our dedicated international removals service allows you to choose the dates when you want your items picked up and delivered inEurope. We know that you may have different deadlines and constraints to juggle during your international removals process both in the UK and  Europe. This is why we can deliver your goods and belongings at a specific time through our special bespoke solution. All you need to do is tell us what date and time you want your collection in the UK and delivery in Europe  for full or part loads from a minimum of 13 cubic metres. Even better – if you require that bit of extra flexibility and convenience during your removals abroad we even give you free short term storage at our UK depot.

What if I need you to move my belongings at a particular time?

Given that we run at least one vehicle a week between the UK and Europe, Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company are the company that offers you maximum flexibility during your removals abroad. This applies to both collection and delivery points. It is up to you to choose the time of your international removal and the services you’d like included such as packing, loading only, fragile goods, from household goods to antiques collections, wine collection and delivery, express overnight services, storage, part or full loads, and more.

How do I find out how much your cheap removals service actually costs?

Abroad Removals, your cheap removals company are happy to provide an instant quote to anyone over the phone or in person. We can even send our friendly international removals specialists in person to find out your needs and to make a plan for your cheap removals overseas. What are you waiting for? Ring us now to find out about our range of simple, easy and flexible international removals solutions for all your moves from UK to Europe or back.